• Waste to wealth & health
  • Waste to wealth & health

Hazardous waste is just that – hazardous. Medical, industrial and petrochemical wastes are all types of hazardous waste and pose threats to human health and the environment. Proper destruction of these materials is essential in keeping our environment clean. Using a safe, reliable and proven disposal method destroys waste while creating energy.

Ongoing Projects

Technical research to reduce industrial slag generation & to reduce heavy metals content in the slag. We are working with our international associates to introduce the tested technology to reprocess the industrial slag generated by the non ferrous metal Industry. This shall result in reduction and complete removal generation of hazardous slag

Processing hazardous waste safely

Industrial & domestic hazardous waste can pose a threat to people and the environment in some cases and must be incinerated. We built up a lot of knowledge about the treatment of chemical and pharmaceutical residual waste streams that cannot be recycled. Safety and the careful, complete demolition of this material are of the highest priority. We are able to combine this process with substantial energy recovery from thermal processing in the specialised rotary kilns.